Virtual Reality Comic Cons – Where we’re going, we don’t need queues

Anyone that’s actually been to a Comic Con, knows it’s for lots of different kinds of people (not just Comic Book fans) to come together and bond over shared passions.

comiccon crowd

For some it’s an excuse to show off the Cosplay you’ve been working on all year, for others it’s to meet stars from their favourite Movies. Comic Con fans are a huge community of like-minded, passionate geeks – which is a compliment by the way!


The biggest Comic Cons attract some impressive celebrity names, which although exciting, means you probably need to travel to get there, stay in a hotel and you know it will be SUPER busy. The idea of massive crowds, lengthy queues, in a sweaty stifling arena is rather unappealing. Plus the cost can seriously add up if there’s a lot of guests you’re hysterical about, attending exclusive talks, autographs and photos can lead to hundreds if not thousands being spent on a weekend.


Here’s where Virtual Reality will solve that problem. With Geekzonia’s new free social VR platform, unlimited users can attend an Event like a Comic Con, from their living room!

giphy (7)There are other social VR platforms out there at the moment, but they can only host a small number of users in the same Virtual space. Geekzonia has built this limitless world using the latest technology (SpatialOS) which means millions can attend the same Event. You wouldn’t feel that uncomfortable jostle of the crowd, but you would certainly feel the atmosphere that comes from a shared experience.


What would a Virtual Comic Con be like? It includes all the best parts of a regular Comic Con, while eliminating the hassle.

  • You can still socialise with everyone there, meet people from all over the world, and have a normal conversation. Geekzonia will even suggest friends based on your common interests.


  • You can still Cosplay by customising your avatar. There’s no limits to your creations, only in VR, cosplay can’t break, be uncomfortably warm or heavy, and you don’t need to worry about fitting your delicate creations in your suitcase!
  • You can meet celebrity guests in Virtual Reality (people get excited about retweets from celebrities, a Virtual meeting is plenty swoon worthy). You can have one on one conversations, ask questions during discussion panels, record your interactions for social media, and receive personalised autographs or photos.
  • We can eliminate the need for queues, we’ll notify you when it’s your turn, and you can teleport there in the blink of an eye.
  • A Virtual Convention reduces costs for everyone as there’s no need to rent a massive stadium (instead we’ll be on an alien planet beneath the stars) and no one needs to pay for travel or hotels.

Virtual Comic Cons Geekzonia

Join us in another dimension, simply put on your VR headset and transport to Geekzonia – The Limitless Comic Con In VR. You can also join in with a laptop/PC, if you don’t want that immersive experience.

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