Come meet the man behind the T-shirt!

The man behind the T-shirt

We thought you guys deserved to get to know the man behind the T-shirt – Geekzonia’s Founder, Stephen. As you can imagine, he is a pretty busy guy but I managed to grab 5 minutes with him to quiz him about his love of all things geeky! Now if you didn’t know how the idea came about, why not check out this blog – it explains how the idea behind Geekzonia evolved.




Question Time…

I thought the best way for you guys out there to get to know the God of Geekzonia, was with these strategically laid out questions (I’m represented by A, and Stephen – you guessed it – S!) so let’s get started…


A – Stephen, name your top 3 movies… go!

S – The Godfather, Terminator and obviously, Rocky


A – What’s your favourite comic?

S – It’s got to be the Walking Dead!


A – What are you excited for most in Geekzonia?

S – Getting involved with 360° trailers, I can’t wait to feel like I’m in the trailer itself


A – Have you got a favourite scene in The Matrix?

S – Yeah it’s ‘red pill, blue pill’


A – If you could be any character, from a comic book or movie, who would it be and why?

S – Obviously it’s got to be Batman! He’s fearless, intelligent, athletic and rich!


A – What are you currently watching/binging?

S – The Expanse


A – Favourite actor?

S – The Rock!


A – If you could have a superpower for one day, what would it be and why?

S – I’d want the power to stop time. I would probably just wander amount, putting people into funny positions *laughs*


A – Give us a fun fact that nobody knows about you!

S – I watch wrestling way more than I should and also love UFC!


A – Favourite video game?

S – Mario 64


A – What is your guilty pleasure?

S – 90% cocoa dark chocolate


A – Favourite X-Men?

S – Wolverine


A – Weird celebrity crush?

S – Jamie Lee Curtis (True Lies)




Cheers for that chat Stephen, one last thing… a little quick fire round, so clear your mind anddddddd GO!


Stark wars or star trek

Star trek


superman or batman



Andriod or iphone



Playstation or xbox



Anime or manga



Family guy or The Simpsons



GoT or lord of the rings



Marvel or DC



Warhammer 40K or D&D

Warhammer 40k


Green lanterns ring or thors hammer

Thors hammer


Marvin or bender



Supergirl or wonderwoman





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