Our journey so far…

Come on a journey with us

So now that you know exactly what Geekzonia is all about from reading The Hitchhikers Guide to Geekzonia, we thought we’d give you an insight of how we got here. Our first blog post, which you can find here, explained how the idea for Geekzonia came about and the vision of where we wanted to go. Now, we want to share our development accomplishments with you and where we are plan to go in the future. Our journey is far from over yet – so buckle up.


The story so far

From vision to reality, Geekzonia has gone through a lot in such a short time. Our founder, Stephen Walsh, had the idea of a virtual world to help combat the space and logistical boundaries that he found from his other business. Geek Retreat is a comic book shop and cafe with 3 locations around the UK. With the success of in store events, the limited physical space the only thing putting a limit on the amount of people who could attend.

In June 2016 at the TEDx Glasgow Stephen met Martin McDonnell, owner of Soluis, a design visualisation studio, and got talking about a haven for geeks unencumbered by the dull limits of the physical world. Geekzonia was born soon after and the two have worked together to develop platform along with our co-founders, Carina Walsh and Peter Dobson.


Carina twitter photo

 L-R: Stephen, Carina & Peter


Let’s get Technical

The technological developments have been thick and fast with Geekzonia. We are using SpatialOS, the latest cutting edge technology to create our visual world. This is going to allow Geekzonia to host thousands of people at one time in the one place – helping to create the effect of a virtual, 24-7 Comic Con. We have also either completed or are near-completion the development for the underlying technologies that are needed for Geekzonia to operate. So far that includes: system design, user communication, player control systems, teleportation functionality, user-interface, network messaging protocols, user account systems, multiplayer integration and zone refinement. By the end of this development phase, the closed BETA testing will be available on an invite only basis. You can sign up for that here.


Geekzonia’s Future

We plan to take Geekzonia as far as possible – as there’s no limits in virtual reality like there is in the real world. We have an Indiegogo campaign that starts on the 15th of February to help fund the future of Geekzonia. The aim of this campaign is to raise money to help expand the current world and enhance user enjoyment. The plan is to create more zones and expand the existing Horror and Sci-fi zones. We have scheduled development for in-world live streaming and to build a Geekzonia Stadium. This way our users can enjoy live eSports and other events whilst being amongst the masses. Also, we plan to have virtual shops where users will be able to buy geeky products such as digital comics. There are other future developments planned – but we’d rather keep them a surprise for you!


Our journey is far from finished, so stay tuned in for the exciting road ahead. Geekzonia is going to be the virtual nirvana for geeks. The possibilities of what we can do are endless. Stay up to date with our development with us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram