Lou’s Biography of Geekery

Hi, I’m Lou, I’ve just started working on the Social Media & PR for Geekzonia – it’s a Virtual Universe for geeks to hang out in, and I am seriously excited about it! I’ve always been into gadgets, and have loved the idea of Virtual Reality since I was 12 (when The Matrix came out and blew my mind). When I first tried the HTC Vive I was amazed (and scared silly by some pretty basic zombies), it felt like the start of the holodeck I’d been waiting for…

You can't tell, but in this picture I'm suffering from vertigo on a VR rollercoaster

You can’t tell, but in this picture I’m suffering from vertigo on a VR roller coaster

Sci Fi

I am geeky about a large variety of things so for your sake, I’ll try to keep this brief. I was raised watching all of Star Trek, including Deep Space 9(1993) & Voyager(1995) when they first* aired


My actual school jotter when I was 9. *(that means I’m old)

I still adore Sci Fi, here’s a few of my faves;

bsg04-09 tardis-reverse-space

3740296 Sg1stargatefront

images (1) The_Matrix_Poster Dirk-Gently-BBC-S1-key-art-Logo-400x600 MV5BMTM0OTIzNjM4OV5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTcwNDk4MDU5MQ@@._V1._CR57,54,340,418_UY268_CR18,0,182,268_AL_


An ode to Buffy


I remember when Buffy the Vampire Slayer first aired, I wasn’t allowed to watch it because it had “monsters” in it – in hindsight this denial probably fed my instant fascination with it. 20 years later I am, what my friends describe as, obsessed. I’ve attended 7 Buffy Conventions (so far), have collected many, many autographs from stars of the show, and I have Cosplayed a lot.

13995384_10154419675712552_2378556764063477358_o13498021_10154324829609375_6555161660943845192_o15355590_10154754526907552_6356916845716181793_n10338539_10152668205706539_9052346557681476192_o10690176_10152710224842552_2017663872274561709_n1383775_10151928288502552_981132880_n10696161_10152707765792552_4913460000630781944_n13445406_10154241975702552_7888021479255960544_n1382073_10151924955302552_1111051818_n382040_10150371988622552_2120536679_n15272335_10154754527372552_2380826924963133356_o13508948_10154241974672552_5945145028981329166_n13510833_10154241973522552_3306182933512885873_n13466437_10154241975797552_7569804821915618444_n13465974_10154241974267552_6063643357873557485_n13450702_10154241972767552_8830648591860277695_n 32393_10151213321177552_418808613_n10509496_10152669916831539_664885196378639158_n12279016_10153708213882552_2427622399258127741_n15325316_10154754467402552_1370890546250449734_o


Phew, I’m knackered just looking at those pictures!

Gaming Nostalgia

I grew up with a Joystick Atari ST in the house, I’m fairly sure they were ‘retro’ even then as no one my age had one. Games back then were INFURIATINGLY hard (now I really sound old) but I stubbornly kept playing them and, I’m proud to say, completed – despite the rest of my family giving up or claiming the game had a ‘glitch’.

My favourite games were Prince of Persia (1989), The Simpsons – Bart Vs The Space Mutants (1991),

giphy (7)    giphy (5)

but mostly The Secret of Monkey Island (1990) which I can’t possibly explain my love for without bursting into song.

giphy (9)source

From here I moved on to PC gaming and my first love was Star Wars – Yoda Stories (1997). I played it a lot, there were tons of different missions, great soundtrack – in fact I may have to go relive this now…

giphy (10)

Aaaaaand I’m back.

I discovered the PlayStation 1 through my friends, we mainly played Tombraider 2 (1997) and Teken 3 (1998). Don’t play me at Tekken, unless you don’t mind losing every. single. fight. (just sayin).

giphy (11)  giphy (12)

Despite this I am, at my core, an ‘Xbox’ girl. My introduction to RPGs began with Fable 2 (2008) and Dragon Age Origins (2009) – (I was genuinely in love with Alasdair)

giphy (13)    giphy (14)  img-thing

Can’t forget the gripping Left 4 Dead (2008) and the mind-bending Portal (2007) 

giphy (19) giphy (20)





TinTin and Asterix & Obelix were my faves growing up, but I will always have a special place in my heart for Spiderman – I’ve read the original issues from the 60’s, (loved the 90s cartoons) but my favourite arc has to be Civil War, it got me into X-Men, Iron ManCaptain America and Agents of SHIELD.

images Asterix-and-the-Magic-Carpet-Page-001 Furyspidey Civil_War_Vol_1_1_Turner_Variant

These days I get my comics digitally, catching up with this lot when I can…

the-walking-dead-comic-book-covers-6 3-1 Love-Dares-You-Cover 18777 SERENNPV 2

That love for Comics and Sci Fi has lead me to creating my own Comic book Universe, which I am currently writing and illustrating (which is definitely too much work for one person by the way). It’s a tongue in cheek story about a not-so-distant galaxy, where fruit-type beings are at war with evil candy aliens, and defended by a ragtag team of humans called The Fruity Ninjas, whose super powers aren’t always that impressive – like the power to levitate fruit (although you’d be surprised how often that comes in handy).

morello cocushead smoothie2

This is my character, Agent Black Cherry (I get to travel through time and space), Kernal Cocus (he’s addicted to Malibu), and my sister, Agent Black Berry (she’s unfortunately been turned into a fruit smoothie).


I want to bring the convention vibe to Virtual Reality – whenever I attend a Buffy Con I leave feeling like I’ve had the best weekend of my life and made some real friends (there’s just something about Joss Whedon fans).

giphy (17)giphy (18)

giphy (15) giphy (16)

Unfortunately we come from all over the world to attend these cons, they don’t come cheap and I end up seeing my con fam maybe 2 or 3 times a year if I’m lucky.

My dream is to host events and experiences that geeks will love, in stunning settings like alien worlds (with no limits on venue space), where everyone can come together, meet like-minded people, make genuine friendships and generally have a blast together.

giphy (25)

Whatever you’re geeky about, there will be a place for you.


My geeky badges of honour

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