Geekzonia was spawned after Stephen & Carina Walsh and Peter Dobson (CEO), founder of Geek Retreat Cafes, realised the need for a space without physical limitations for geeks to hang out in.

Virtual Reality solves that problem.

Geekzonia uses SpatialOS technology which means multiple servers and unlimited users!

This has never been done before.

While other platforms already provide social VR spaces,  they’re severely restricted to small groups.

Geekzonia was designed to be fully immersive using a VR Headset like the Oculus Rift or HTC Vive. Right now we’re working on rolling out access across all mobile devices, and you can even join in from a laptop/PC in regular 2D.

Eventual. Virtual Revolution Technologies is based in Glasgow, Scotland and has partnered up with local Developers Soluis. Built with Unity and using SpatialOS from Improbable, they have designed a beautiful fantasy planet called Geekzonia, set under an alien sky with different zones to explore.

front hub and robot