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If you’re reading this you’re probably a geek like us, and the potential of Virtual Reality makes you giddy with joy. You probably grew up with The Matrix, Tron or the Holodeck on Star Trek, where virtual worlds felt like the futuristic stuff of Science Fiction.

It’s now 2017 and 90 million people own a Virtual Reality headset, which is VRy exciting! It’s starting to feel a bit more like Tron with VR games exploding into your living rooms, but I’m still waiting for my Holodeck, and we’ve certainly not reached Matrix proportions…

Matrix for geeks

Here at Geekzonia, we’re turning Science Fiction into Science Fact!

Using the latest technology, we are building an epic virtual universe – worlds within worlds that will host millions of geeks at once.

Imagine a GIGANTIC Comic-Con on an alien planet, where you can meet your favourite celebrities, listen to their stories, ask them questions in real time and ‘fan-girl’ to your hearts content (meeting someone famous in Virtual Reality is no less exciting, I know you freak out just from a re-tweet).


The kind of VR Events we could host will no doubt be redefined as technology evolves, but for now picture;

Fan Hangouts you’ll be able to head to the Sci-Fi Zone, join international fan group discussions about Doctor Who, find friends who share the same fandoms as you do and regularly meet up in a space port, even if they live oceans away IRL (in real life).

Quiz Shows pitting fan groups against each other, with themed rounds like Name that Super Hero! What’s that Theme Tune? Identify this Avatar Reenactment! (did you just read that in a cheesy Game Show voice? Good.)

Viewing Parties for live events like eSports Tournaments or exclusive 360° trailers and movies.

Matrix for Geeks

Workshops with eSports coaches, Comic Book writers/artists, Cosplayers, VR Vloggers or even Virtual Sculptors so you can learn how to create your own Avatar Cosplays, that you could then make and sell. 

We envision businesses opening Virtual Shops in Geekzonia, where the staff working in a Virtual World, will be able to communicate face to face with worldwide customers like never before!

By the way if you like the idea of working in Virtual Reality, we’re currently hiring…

So far we have funded development ourselves and we’re already at the stage where unlimited users can strap on a VR headset and meet up within Geekzonia.

But now we need your help to take it to the next level.


Campaign is now live!

Our funding goal is $40,000. This will allow us to develop technology to stream in LIVE events and celebrity appearances. It will also help us deliver bigger and better zones sooner!

Every $ donated will be rewarded handsomely with In-world freebies and Geekzonian dollars to spend on exclusive events, customising your avatar, 3D printing and shopping!

Other perks include VIP access & Celebrity Meets, a VR Wedding, or a statue built in your honour! Hurry though, the best ones are limited!

Batman Buddha

We promise to make it flattering…

There are lots of ways to support our mission, if you can’t afford to donate, help us spread the word by telling your friends and sharing this campaign on social media.


We may not always agree about what the best Sci-Fi, Horror, Anime or Comic Book is but we’re all still passionate Geeks, and we’re all Geekzonians.

Matrix for Geeks

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