April 10, 2017

The Setup Guide

Welcome BETA testers!

To get started, make sure you meet the requirements below and then click the link provided to join – you can find the link here.


For a full and immersive experience:

  • HTC Vive or Oculus Rift VR Headset
  • Steam account
  • If using an Oculus Rift:
    • You will need Oculus, Steam and SteamVR installed.
  • If using a HTC Vive:
    • You will need Steam with SteamVR installed.

Or you can use a Windows PC/Laptop, however this will lead to a less immersive experience.

We recommend your computer/laptop meets these specs, but we would like feedback for a variety of different systems.

pc specs

Please make sure you have your microphone and speakers turned on whether you are using a VR Headset or PC/Laptop.

Your internet speed could effect how quickly the world loads, and your speech with others.


This is a step by step guide of how to download and launch Geekzonia with corresponding screenshots. Please note, after your initial download of Geekzonia you will need to repeat steps 4-9 each time you want to enter the platform.

Step 1: Click on the invitation link – you can find that here.


Step 2: Read and select ‘agree’ to terms and conditions [Image 2.1]. Once selected, the next step will become highlighted. Please keep this page up throughout the setup process.

Image 2.1


Step 3: Follow Step 1 by downloading the 64bit Windows programme [Image 3.1], this will download a Desktop Launcher onto your desktop [Image 3.2].

Image 3.1Image 3.1

3Image 3.2


Step 4: Once the Desktop Launcher is downloaded, go back to the website page where you completed the previous steps [Image 4.1]. Step 2 will now be highlighted. Please select ‘Launch your Deployment’ to launch Geekzonia.4Image 4.1


Step 5: A loading box will appear [Image 5.1]. Once the download is completed, the Geekzonia Launcher will open [Image 5.2].

Image 5.1Image 5.1


Step 6: Select ‘Create an Account’ or ‘Log in’ [Image 6.1].

Image 6.1Image 6.1


Step 7: Once logged in, please select ‘Enter Hub’ [Image 7.1].

Image 7.1Image 7.1


Step 8: The Geekzonia Launcher will now ask you to put on your headset and will give you instructions to follow via the headset [Image 8.1].

9Image 8.1


Step 9: If using Desktop Mode, this option will appear once the Launcher recognises there is no headset. Once recognised, please select the Desktop Mode option and continue in Geekzonia [Image 9.1].

Once you see the world, right click the mouse to be able to move and look around.

Image 9.1Image 9.1

The installation is now complete. 
We hope you enjoy your experience in Geekzonia. 

Controller Info

Tip: When wearing a VR Headset, where possible, move your head naturally to look around and use the teleport function to help prevent feelings of nausea.

Please use the following:

  • Oculus: We recommend using the Xbox controller that comes with your Oculus Rift as the Touch controllers are not fully configured yet. The description for the control functions are displayed in the table below:

Xbox Controller


  • HTC Vive: The Vive controllers currently have limited movement. There is no hand tracking or teleport function at present. Please use the touch pad for movement.
  • Laptop/PC: The description for mouse and keyboard functions are displayed below:




Below are some potential troubleshooting problems:

  • Controllers
    • Please make the Geekzonia Launcher is the focused window on your desktop
  • Oculus Settings
    • Please configure your Oculus Settings to allow ‘Unknown Sources’. You will find this option under ‘General Settings’
  • Steam
    • SteamVR must be enabled for use. To install SteamVR go to your Steam accoun and select: Libraries > Tools > Install SteamVR > Click Install.


Your participation within Geekzonia may be tracked and monitored by our team to see how the platform performs. You are free to participate as much or as little as you want – there are no participation requirements. Geekzonia is a Social VR Platform with no user limits. The technology that allows unlimited users is new so please bear with us, we know there are bugs and we are working hard to fix them. We welcome all user feedback during our BETA – we want to create the best experience.