Geekzonia – A Vision For A Virtual World

Geek-Retreat-Newcastle-Store-Front-1Our vision for Geekzonia is a virtual world created by geeks for geeks and filled with the most exciting and compelling VR content of the moment. A massively multiplayer persistent world created using cutting edge game engine and cloud simulation technology to eventually allow millions of users to meet and hang out with each other, find, share, create and experience a social virtual reality space like no other. Users will able to explore strange and wondrous worlds dedicated to every geeky genre imaginable while creators of VR content such as video games and 360 movie trailers can fill these worlds with exciting experiences.

But this idea didn’t come out of nowhere and unlike most other tech startups we owe our existence to a completely real world business. In May 2013 the first Geek Retreat store opened it’s doors in Glasgow, Scotland. A comic book shop, cafe and events hub rolled into one Geek Retreat is a haven created by geeks, for geeks. Since then another store has opened with three more coming soon, grown a website full of geek news and developed a cult like following.

Everything Geek Retreat does is dedicated to finding the coolest, the weirdest and the best content and experiences in geek culture and creating amazing spaces for people to “stop in and geek out”. As you can imagine, that is the philosophy the founders of Geek Retreat are now taking into virtual reality! Geekzonia will shake off the dull limits of the real world by allowing us to create a virtual space filled with every type of geeky experience imaginable!Screenshot-Horror04

If, like us, you’ve loved watching films like The Matrix and reading books like Ready Player One then you’re probably already off on a flight of fancy about where we could take this. We’ll be posting more in the near future with updates on what we’re up to, how development is progressing and when Geekzonia will be launching so check back often, but in the meantime Morpheus has a question for you.