Our first week of Indiegogo

Seven Days in…

It’s only been 7 days and the support we have received has totally floored us! Within just one week we have already managed to hit 20% of our target of our Indiegogo Campaign. With the help of forty different backers, we have raise $7,891 (£6352). Now, you might have seen a lot of social media posts aimed at our campaign and that’s because although we are so thankful for the support we have received in our first week, we are still 80% away from our target.

We aim to continually enhance user enjoyment in Geekzonia. The reason why our target is $40,000 is so we can speed up our development. We want bigger and better zones for you guys so you have the option to choose where you want to go and who you want to meet. We also want to be able to host the coolest virtual events. Such as Geeky Gameshows, Fan Hangouts and Workshops. Part of the money raised from our campaign will be funding The Geekzonian Stadium! Where we plan to host live eSports tournaments and championships for everyone to come and enjoy.


Join us in VR!2nd Poster

With our forever-growing expansion, we’ve had to hire more people and we recently hired Lou and Amy in January 2017 – they take care of the Social Media you all see. However the team still isn’t big enough to make sure everything is perfect for you guys. So, we created a job that has never been done before – A Virtual Reality Events Host! Because how else do we make sure everything is perfect for you guys in-world?

The job has had some fantastic candidates apply since going live online. We’ve even been featured in a few media articles already, with more in the process! You can check them out here on our new Media Page. If you fancy being a part of our team, just fill in the online application here. Don’t worry, you get hourly breaks to come back into the real world… but then again, who would want to come back to reality? 


Keep those eyes peeled.

Our Indiegogo campaign, although one week in, is only just beginning. We plan to release more great perks for you all as a thank you for your donations! In fact, we already added an extra perk since going live – the “Dolla Dolla Bill, Y’all” perk gets you $5 to spend in Geekzonia and 1 Competition Entry. Yeah that’s right, you just read competition! We are GIVING AWAY an Oculus Rift headset – I know crazy right, but you guys are awesome and we felt you deserved it. Enter by selecting a perk on Indiegogo (some have multiple entries) or check out our social media for the competition posts. We will keep you updated with all our software developments that the donations help us achieve.


In the meantime…

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