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Geek Pride Day – Geekzonia’s Celebration in Virtual Reality

May 25, 2017

To celebrate Geek Pride Day, on the 25th of May 2017, Geekzonia will be hosting multiple VR events throughout the day. This will be a great way to meet and hang out with geeks from all over the world, and hopefully make some friends!

Towel Day - VR Event



It’s the 40th Anniversary of Star Wars Episode IV : A New Hope, it’s also Towel Day so DON’T PANIC, you can expect Douglas Adams tributes, as well as lots of geeky themes from Sci Fi, Fantasy, Horror, Comic books, eSports and Comedy. Stay tuned for a schedule of;

  • guest talks
  • quiz shows
  • 360 trailers
  • dramatic reenactments
  • fan meetups
  • avatar competitions
  • giveaways

To attend our Virtual Reality Comic-Con you’ll need a gaming ready PC/Laptop that can handle our Unity app and/or a VR Headset. Speak to other users with your built in microphone and move around with your keyboard.

Download Geekzonia here
Geek Pride Day - Virtual Quiz Show

Geekzonia is looking for anyone who would like to be involved, individuals or fan groups who want to take part in a quiz, or maybe reenact some scenes from your favourite show.

Guest speakers who have a geeky profession like Cosplayers, Gamers, Comic Book Writers/Artists, Vloggers etc. Get in touch!

Geek Pride Day - VR event

If you’d like to be a part of the show, sign up to be an Event Partner

and let us know;

  • You want to be involved in the Geek Pride Day Event and how
  • where in the world you live and your preferred availability on 25/5/2017
  • what kind of VR headset you have access to
  •  If you are a member of a fan group, provide links to the community and detail if any other members would like to be involved.
  • If you are a Vlogger, provide links to your Youtube page

Live long and prosper!

Geek Pride Day - VR event

If you have any other events you would like to put on in Geekzonia, feel free to get in touch.
There is no limit on size, there could be a handful of you meeting up to hang out, or lots of you coming together to view a talk. Find out more here

You can also stay involved by

Liking our Facebook page

Following us on Twitter and Instagram