Content Partners – Think big. Think Virtual Reality.

Picture a world with limitless possibilities…


Here at Geekzonia, we love everything geeky which is why we want YOU to join us and create VR Content with Geekzonia. Imagine reaching your perfect target audience on a global scale and doing so without logistical boundaries. Like the sound of that? Then lets read on…

Within Geekzonia, there are lot’s of different ways you can join us as a Content Partner. If you produce any geeky content whether it’s a vlog, your own comic book or you’re a 360° video producer, Geekzonia is the place for you. To help you imagine how to promote your work in our virtual world, below are some ideas of just a few things we can do to help you.

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360° Movie Content

Do you make 360° videos or movies? Imagine being able to step into a video, walk around and fully captivate your target audience through their eyes. In Geekzonia, users will be able to step through a portal and enter your video. Virtual reality gives users the opportunity to fully immerse themselves with 360° video technology, making it the perfect opportunity for you. This type of content is best for movie trailers, full movies or videos.


Comic Book Content

Have you ever wondered about new, exciting and innovative ways of promoting your comic book? Well, look no further than Geekzonia. Invite your loyal fans into our virtual world for cover reveals, exclusive viewings or even join up with your illustrator and publisher and hold a virtual press conference style talk. Let your fans interact and get behind the scenes stories of how your comic went from idea to paper. We’ll promote you within our world and attract new fans from all around the globe without you ever having to leave your home.

Video Content

Are you a vlogger or an independent movie producer? Having new and exciting ways of promoting your content is always a fun opportunity. It keeps your fans interested and surely being able to do it without logistical boundaries sounds even better right? Again, this is where Geekzonia can help you. In our virtual world, we have massive TV screens placed around our genre specific zones, such as horror or sci-fi, as well as our main hub where everyone meets. These TV’s can play videos just like yours. Whether it’s a new vlog or a movie, there will be a Geekzonian watching. Reach your new global audience with ease by having release parties, exclusive viewings, Q&A’s or first look trailer reveals.

Podcast Content

Maybe you would prefer to stream in your podcast for users to listen to whilst they hang out with friends. You could even do live podcasts for Geekzonia users and feature special guests – again this is possible in Geekzonia!


Gaming Content

Do you hold gaming tournaments? Why not stream the tournament into Geekzonia for fans to watch world wide? You could stream video gameplay or footage from real life trading card tournaments. The possibilities are endless.


Get in touch with us…

How do I get involved I hear you ask? Well, the first step is to fill in a Content Partners form and contact us. If this blog has sparked your imagination about ways you could promote your content and reach a global audience with ease, we want to hear it! Anything is possible in Geekzonia.