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Hello and welcome to my first blog for Geekzonia! I’m Amy and I am one half of the Social Media/PR team. I’ve recently finished my masters degree in marketing and I’m super excited to be on Team Geekzonia. But before I indulge you in geeky news and everything awesome about virtual reality, I thought I best introduce myself :]

I grew up gaming from a young age, starting off by stealing my brothers Sega to play Sonic the Hedgehog. It was then his Snes I would pinch so I could play the Super Mario Brothers. I soon found a love for Pokemon, Rayman and Zelda after I was gifted my first ever Gameboy. It wasn’t long before I took over the family computer. I’d spend hours playing The Sims (every single version might I add with the expansion packs) and Unreal Tournament 2004. Games certainly have a soft spot in my heart and are a massive part of my childhood.


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Just a few of my many Sims games!

The present…

These days though, you can see me glued to the TV screen. I have an obsession with The Simpsons, to which I think I can defintely say I have seen every episode and have watched each episode three times. A personal favourite is is the episode where Bart had to go to Australia for those darn collect call charges and gets roped into a game of knifey-spoony.


I’m just one of those “adults” who just loves cartoons! Bobs Burgers and Family Guy also make the list of my top cartoons. However, even with my serious love for mind-numbingly stupid (but funny) cartoons I do enjoy other TV such as The Big Bang Theory. My top Netflix originals have to be Stranger Things, Orange is the New Black and Making a Murderer. But I also have some serious love for Luther, because well… who doesn’t? I’ve also started Taboo as of last night and it is not just because of Tom Hardy, but he was the deciding factor.

However on the silver screen though, I’d say my top 5 are Paul, Hot-Fuzz (Simon Pegg, eat your heart out) Ant-Man, The Revenant and of course ALL of The Hunger Games, to which I even have my own Mockingjay Pin!
I have a serious long list of stuff waiting to be watch, now don’t kill me or spoil anything but I am yet to watch Game of Thrones! (I know, I am sorry I am so out the loop and behind!) But I plan to binge watch the hell out of it whenever I can! Also Once Upon a Time is on the list too.

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 My Mockingjay Pin!


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Enough about me, back to the reason you are on this website – virtual reality. However, not just any type of virtual reality, social VR! And here at Geekzonia, this is what gets me excited! To think that shortly you are going to be able to socialise and attend events with guest speakers like Matt Groening, Mayim Bialik or Seth Rogen, or even be inside a movie trailor. Infact better yet, just even having the possibility to jump on a dinosaur and transport back to Ancient Eygpt sends my imagination into a whirlwind!

So keep an eye out for more blog posts, events and social media updates for Geekzonia, we are on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook :]

The future of Virtual Reality is going to be amazing!!