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An infinitely multiplayer environment, experience extraordinary content that’s out of this world. Created by Geeks, for Geeks.

If you’re a geek like us, you’ve been inspired by movies like the Matrix, that promised a future of endless possibilities within unlimited virtual worlds. It’s now 2017 and 90 million people own a virtual reality headset. So that future is here? Almost! VR right now is mostly just one player games and standalone apps, but where are our virtual worlds, where is our Matrix? We are building Geekzonia - a single, epic virtual world that brings millions of us geeks together with the very best of geek culture. It’s a place filled with fan meetups, comic-con events, stunning 360 movies, mind blowing e-sports, geeky brands and avatar cosplay. If this idea excites you as much as it does us and you’d like to get involved in anyway then get in touch below.

Launching 2017

a social, entertainment and retail space, built to be experienced entirely in virtual reality

Geekzonia is a VR space like no other. Explore strange and wondrous worlds dedicated to every geeky genre imaginable, each filled with the latest and most awe inspiring videos, experiences and like minded Geeks!


Geekzonia is a massively multiplayer community of users who are passionate about being geeks. Hangout and share your geeky interests, join regular meetup events for fans of Star Wars, Star Trek, Harry Potter, Pokemon, E-sports and more!


Indie developer or huge games studio, promoting this summers blockbuster movie or creating cool stuff with your new 360 camera. If you’ve got VR content then getting it on Geekzonia is the way to reach your audience.

Something for every geek

With space stations filled with sci-fi experiences, fantasy realms, comic book universes and much more Geekzonia is a place to experience the most compelling Geek content on this or any other planet!

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Imagine a world built around geek culture and content. If you are the creator or publisher of any kind of geek content, whether it's videos, games, comics or anything else, then we'd love to talk to you about how being in Geekzonia can help you reach a wider audience.

Our vision of Geekzonia is a virtual world that feels like a 24/7 Comic-Con, with events, stars, talks, fan group meetups and more happening all day everyday. If you are interested in how to create and host an event within Geekzonia we'd love to hear from you.

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